Naveen Hariprasad

Experienced Digital Marketing Leader

I am a strategic, metric-driven digital marketing professional in the Greater Boston area with 12 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing roles.

Currently, I am the Director of Digital Marketing for PeopleFluent, a $120MM SaaS company in the human capital management space.

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Resume & Skills

With experience at companies of every size, from global enterprises to startups, I can make an impact for marketing organizations with very little ramp-up time.

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  • B2B SaaS Digital Strategy (PPC, SEO, CRO) – 10 years
  • Marketing Automation (Eloqua & Marketo) – 9 years
  • Email Marketing (Compliance, Production, Deliverability) – 9 years
  • Front End Web Development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript) – 15 years

Director of Digital Marketing, PeopleFluent

October 2014 – present

I own the implementation, instrumentation, and optimization of all digital channels for PeopleFluent, one of the world's leading human capital management SaaS businesses.

I've built an extremely progressive stack of marketing technologies and strategies that scale the marketing organization's reach and capability to convert leads across digital channels.

2016/2015 Highlights

  • Achieved 77% of all Stage 3+ Marketing-Generated-Leads from digital channels in Q3'16
  • Achieved 67% of Stage 3+ MGLs for the company from the website in Q3'16
  • Achieved 50% of all MGLs that resulted in Closed-Win status in Q3'16
  • 101% increase of PPC MGL/MQL ratio
  • 98% increase of in-rarget rate of website demo inquiries
  • 339% increase of organic website demo inquiry volume
  • 123% increase of website demo inquiry volume (all channels)
  • 253% increase of organic website asset downloads
  • 35% increase of asset conversions from organic, direct, and referral channels